We work through a straightforward process with you to establish a simple plan for the development of your brand online.

Process to develop the brand

  • Understand your brand values: carefully develop an understanding of the core values at the heart of the brand.
  • Know the target audience: explore the nature of who you are targeting.
  • Identify objectives: define the key aims of the brand and how to measure its success online.
  • Discuss appropriate channels for the brand online: desktop, mobile, app, TV, tablet, video, advertising, natural search, viral etc.

Putting the plan into action

Once we’ve worked through the above with you, we will produce a simple plan to develop your brand online. This will involve:

  • exploring appropriate copy to use, particularly for different territories/countries
  • careful design, including typography, visual design, logo development and more
  • sensitive evolution of your current branding to the new branding
  • a project plan outlining what will happen when

Why brands are important online

Finally, a reminder as to why online brands are important: