Three strands to digital marketing

There are three main areas to consider to ensure that your digital marketing is making your brand as effective as it can be online:

Content marketing and strategy

Do you understanding your audience, how they engage with your content,  and your competitors content? What about how they engage with social media, and what questions they wish to be answered by your services and products? Such questions are crucial to developing an effective online content strategy.

Of course understanding all this is not enough – you also need a cost-effective, sustainable method of generating suitable content to meet these needs.

Using our experience of creating high quality multilingual content that is both engaging and compelling we can help you to deliver highly effective creative online content – and once it is in place we will help you measure how effective it is and refine it further.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO, organic web strategy, natural search consultancy, Google consultants – they may sound like exotic terms, but they all describe the following fundamental tasks:

  • Making sure Google and your customers can find your content online.
  • Providing content that your customers want.
  • Ensuring that your brand is compelling, useful and highly engaging online.

Whether we are working with you on a completely new website or improving what you already have, we bring our experience in natural search engine optimisation to bear throughout the entire process of building your online brand.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

There’s much more to search engine marketing (SEM) than simply buying a few ads online. Are you using the words and phrases that your customers use? Does the page that they arrive at when they click through provide what your customers want? How are you tracking success? We can help ensure that your search engine marketing matches the needs of your customers and reflects your brand.