Focus on your audience is essential

There is much more to search engine marketing than just crossing your fingers and buying a few ads online. Are you using the words and phrases that your customers use? Are the ads appearing on suitable third-party websites? Does the page that they arrive at when they click through provide what your customers want? Without a proper strategy your SEM campaign can quickly become an expensive waste of time.

Building an effective strategy

Based on a thorough review of your products and services and how your potential clients refer to them online we will work with you to develop and implement an effective search engine marketing strategy. Whether it is working with Google AdWords or one of the many other providers out there we can put together a search engine marketing strategy that is right for you and will deliver a solid, measurable return on investment (ROI).

Other advertising opportunities

Of course, AdWords is not the only way to develop your presence online – for example: do you feature in Google Maps? Should your products perhaps feature in Google Product Search? We can help you with all of this and more.

Using data to inform any decisions that we make, we carefully develop strategies and processes to market your brand online in a cost-effective manner. We also work with you to design ways to track success, meaning you can really see how effective each campaign is.

“Refined Practice’s Search Engine Marketing work increased traffic to our website by nearly 40%, with more than double their fees being recouped in just one week from the resulting extra work.”

Anatol Poyer-Sleeman, Director & Franchise Owner, ChipsAway Cambridge