Natural search results are those results that a search engine puts together for free based upon a number of factors (estimated to be over two hundred), rather than the paid adverts you see at the top and side of the page. Also referred to as organic web strategy, natural search consultancy, inbound marketing, and various other buzz-words it’s an essential aspect of marketing your brand.

The three elements of SEO

Improving the SEO performance of your website comprises the following three strands:

We apply our experience in natural search engine optimisation throughout the entire process of building your online brand – from conducting early-stage market research using thousands of real-world searches to ensure that strategic decisions are fully informed, to developing the website structure and design (making sure it directly matches what your customers want), building the site, and lastly (but very importantly), creating the content itself.

Rigorous research

All our decisions are based on the careful and diligent analysis of significant sets of web search data as well as your own experience and knowledge of your customers and market. Here at Refined Practice we are always conscious that a business needs to know that money spent is bringing a good return, so we also work with you to develop straightforward methods for tracking the performance of your website that you can apply on a regular basis.

Experience and success

We have considerable experience in successfully delivering highly search optimised websites, and have worked with many different organisations to implement the changes required to be truly SEO friendly, greatly increasing their search traffic. With the aid of our search engine optimisation work, we believe we can significantly increase the natural search performance of your digital media. Contact us today to find out more.