Marketing Consulting

There are many different ways of marketing your products and services online, the question is – which is the most cost-effective and appropriate to use?

At Refined Practice we work carefully with you, examining previous marketing campaigns, understanding your objectives (and how to measure their success), and working with your available resources to establish the most suitable approach to take. We have experience with numerous successful Google Ads campaigns (particularly with Google Ad Grants for our charitable customers) as well as social media and email marketing.

To ensure ongoing success for your brand online, in addition to making good use of marketing channels like Google Ads it’s vital to ensure that your website(s) are search-engine friendly. Improving the search-engine optimisation (SEO) performance of your websites comprises the following three strands:

  • Visibility: Making sure Google and your customers can find your content online (‘search engine visibility’).
  • Relevance: Providing content that your customers want, using the words and phrases that your customers use.
  • Reputation: Ensuring that your brand is so compelling visitors cannot resist but share it, tweet it or link to it.

We apply our experience in natural search engine optimisation throughout the entire process of building your online brand – from conducting early-stage market research, to examining your website structure and design to make sure it directly matches what your customers want, holding the site to the highest technical standards (fast, secure and accessible sites perform best), and, of course, ensuring the site is filled with compelling content that your clients and customers will love.

We love working with data, so we always seek to make use of all relevant data to underpin the discussions, planning and research we undertake – and we will share all our analysis and findings with you to use across your other marketing channels.

The choices may seem overwhelming, but we can help you make online marketing simple and effective.

Interested in what we can offer? Contact us today to see what we can do.


“Refined Practice’s Search Engine Marketing work increased traffic to our website by nearly 40%, with more than double their fees being recouped in just one week from the resulting extra work.”

Anatol Poyer-Sleeman, ChipsAway Cambridge