WordPress Plugin Development

Here at Refined Practice we regularly develop custom WordPress plugins for our clients, publishing to the WordPress plugin directory when the plugin is likely to be of interest to a wider audience. Contact us about our plugin development services.

Refined Practice – Simple Analytics Integration

This plugin adds the code needed to use the Simple Analytics analytics service on your site. You can also choose to prevent logged in users from appearing in your analytics, add Simple Analytic’s experimental event tracking code and view page views directly on your dashboard.

Note that use of Simple Analytics requires a subscription Find out more on the Simple Analytics website. If you decide you want to give it a try then you can get one month for free by using our referral link: https://referral.simpleanalytics.com/refined-practice. You can also view the analytics for this website here to get an idea of what Simple Analytics offers.

Featured image by hitesh choudhary from Pexels