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CCL Online

CCL Online

About the project

Refined Practice’s consultants have been working with CCL Online since 2009. Work has included a rigorous “Understand Relevance, Enhance Content” project, …


About the project

Refined Practice partners created a visual identity design for a new part of the All Souls Clubhouse who help older people …



About the project

Refined Practice’s consultants have worked with leading UK charity Whizz-Kidz since 2009. We helped them to move their website to an easy to …

News & Views

It’s All in the Edit – But Who’s Doing the Editing?

Liestal Fire Festival - The Riot Cut

“Auto-Awesome” or “Auto-Warzone”? Who’s editing what you see on the web?

Visualising UK Ministerial Lobbying & “Buddying” Over Eight Months

Barclays Ministerial Meetings

Back in January 2013, the Guardian published a piece about a scheme (entitled “buddying”) that granted access to the heart of government to various multinational companies. It seemed like lobbying …

How We Made the Ministerial Lobbying & “Buddying” Visualisation

A discussion of some of the techniques we used and the technical bits’n’pieces behind the visualisation of over 6,000 meetings between 100 UK government ministers and over 3,500 organisations.



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