Brand Development

Your company brand is more than just a logo. It’s who your company is when it does business – it’s your company personality. Understanding this and designing and developing brand assets that show this off is our aim.

Understanding your Business

We need to know your company, its ethos and activities before we help develop your brand and its identity. For smaller businesses this might consist of a phone call to work through some questions about your company, or if you prefer we can come in and get to know your business and work though some brand discovery exercises.

Developing your Brand Identity and Assets

Your brand identity and assets provide the visual front of your company brand. This will involve working through options for a logo or logotype, typography, colour and photographic and/or illustrative style as well as discovering how they all work together in the various places your company will present itself, be it online or in print.

Wider Brand Implementation

To ensure your brand is presented consistently wherever it goes, you’ll need a good style guide so that those in your company as well as outside your company know best how to use the assets we’ve created for you.

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“I am still amazed at the beautiful design when I look at it – a big thanks to Colin Hall and Paul Ratcliffe at Refined Practice who designed it and made it happen.”

Sytske Casimir,