Think big, start small

Unlike a lot of agencies that like to sell you extensive (and expensive) reports that then gather dust on the shelf,  we always like to focus on how we can actually get stuff done within an organisation. To make that happen we like to work quickly to gain a good understanding of your goals, resources, skills, etc. and then straightaway move on to small projects that can make a positive difference to your business.

For example, very soon after we start working with a client we will typically be able to identify a number of quick wins – issues that can be acted upon immediately and that can make a positive impact in a relatively short period of time. Working with you on these quick wins enables you you to get to know us without much financial exposure, and allows us to get to know you, your teams, teams, structures, skills, resources and so on. That means that we have a great understanding of exactly how you like to work  as we move on to more extensive projects together.

Europe and beyond

From our bases in Switzerland and the UK and with access to an extensive network of professionals in a wide range of fields, we can provide all the capabilities needed to ensure that your online presence continues to enhance the value of your brand in the global arena and your specific target markets. We work across different languages and cultures every day, so we have a great understanding of the issues this poses for your business and how best to tackle them online.