Online Presence Management

Running an SME can be tough and you need to concentrate your skills where they can be most effective – providing the unique products and services that will make your business or charity a success. Let Refined Practice help by managing your online presence for you.

Domain management, website set-up, social media accounts, Google Ads, email setup, email marketing, etc. etc. – there is a lot you have to build and maintain in order to have an effective online presence. As an SME (whether business or charity) you can rely on Refined Practice to design, develop, host and maintain as little or as much of your online presence as you want leaving you with more time to focus on your clients and customers.

We manage the online presence of a number of companies and charities; not just on the technical side but also writing compelling content (for online and offline use), managing social media accounts and helping to plan online strategy. We are particularly experienced with working with non-profits, helping them to get the most out of the charitable services that the tech giants such as Google offer (e.g. Ad Grants, charitable GSuite subscription setup and more).

Looking for an example? Take a look at the online presence of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme in the UK, or Christ Church Balham, a bustling church community in south London.

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“The Jane Goodall Institute (UK) has worked with the partners at Refined Practice for over a decade and we have always found them to be highly professional, creative and effective. They bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and expertise to a wide range of projects and their work has helped to vastly increase the activity on our educational website, Roots & Shoots. They are pleasant to deal with and proactive in meeting the ongoing challenges within the charity sector.”

Tara Golshan, JGI UK

“We have worked with Refined Practice’s Paul Ratcliffe on the Student Investor Challenge website since 2007. He and his colleagues have provided consistently excellent service and brought a lot of creativity to the design and running of the challenge over the years, ensuring that it remains fresh and exciting for the thousands of students taking part.”

Rod McKee, London Institute of Banking & Finance