Final Steps to Launch

Having built the new web site structure, it’s time to add the content, test and launch the website!

Upload of Content

Refined Practice can provide the labour required to upload the finished content into the new Content Management System if required, or you may prefer to do this yourselves.

Pre-launch Testing

As an extension of the management role for the server design/build aspects of the project, we recommend a formal testing programme for the site after the completion of building and prior to launch. We will work with you to develop an appropriate testing procedure that covers both technical and content aspects. We consider this step to be vital for all major projects.

Redirection Schema

If you have an existing website, it is essential that any old URLs are redirected to the new URLs as soon as the new site goes live. This ensures that users requesting the old URLs are seamlessly redirected to the new ones (and thus remain on the website), but it also allows search engines to follow the all-important links from websites that link to the old URLs. This needs to be done carefully and correctly to ensure that you retain the search engine rankings that you have built up on the old domain.

Launch Day

Co-ordinating the launch of a major site involves bringing together a large number of factors at the same time. Having a predetermined plan ensures as few surprises as possible on the day.

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