Relevance Analysis

Relevance analysis is a data-driven approach to determining what it is that your potential customers want from your business on the web, how content and the web site should be structured, and what terms and phrases should be used to appeal to your target market (this is essentially extremely detailed digital market research). Similar work carried out by our experts recently for a golfing website resulted in a 22% increase in search traffic to the site, paying back the client’s investment many times over.

How Do We Do It?

To carry out the analysis, first, we use free data from e.g. Google Ads to determine what the most common search terms are that are related to your products and services (this involves thousands of queries). Where budget allows, we then combine this with considerably more detailed data available from e.g. the market research company Hitwise to produce a richer, more accurate set of data. Next, we group similar queries together. This causes the data to come together into a coherent structure that expresses the views of thousands and thousands of people giving a clear view of what is required of your website. The result is far more representative of your target audience’s requirements than an individual expert’s opinion or a set of small focus groups can ever be, and can be used to guide every part of the web site design, particularly the information architecture and the site content.

For a multilingual site, we would then translate and localise the key outcomes into the other languages, cross-checked against publicly available data for that language and location.

Straightforward-to-Measure Returns on Investment

The output of the relevance analysis is a set of simple charts and spreadsheets identifying what people wish for online from a business such as yours, how this translates to a web site structure and layout, and the key types of content that your potential visitors are looking for.

In addition we provide you with straightforward methods to track improvements in performance, and work with you to identify simple methods to measure returns on investment.

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