Leadership.is website

About the project

Leadership.is is a new leadership development consultancy run by Sytske Casimir. Sytske came to us needing a visual identity for her new brand along with business cards, letterheads and a website.

We chose to use the typeface Brevia Light throughout this project as it is uncomplicated but has some interesting features and a good range of weights, becoming more brush like as it gets bolder.

The Leadership.is website is WordPress based, with a custom theme developed by Refined Practice.  As well as visually conveying the clean lines of the Leadership.is branding, it incorporates our SEO know-how under the bonnet.

What the client has to say…

“I am still amazed at the beautiful design when I look at it – a big thanks to Colin Hall and Paul Ratcliffe at Refined Practice who designed it and made it happen…”

Sytske Casimir