About the project

Refined Practice’s consultants have worked with leading UK charity Whizz-Kidz since 2009. We helped them to move their website to an easy to use WordPress platform, making it simple for them to update the content and post news stories themselves. Since then we’ve continued to host and support the site on our managed servers, adding functionality year on year.

What the client has to say…

“Refined Practice’s consultants supported Whizz-Kidz through a clean migration from an old, clunky website and host into a more fit-for-purpose and intuitive UI and CMS. Using designs from a third party agency, they re-skinned our site – with a focus on a front and centre homepage video space; allowing us to visually demonstrate our impact to the viewer.

Refined Practice have continued to provide background and back-end support – notably with a new Rate and Review product service, and fundraising registration forms”

Katie McPhillimy, Digital Manager, Whizz-Kidz.