The relevance analysis provides a detailed examination of what potential customers are looking for on your web site, and as such directly informs what content needs to be written and how it should be written (i.e. specifying which subjects, topics, words and phrases to use to appeal to your target audience). Taking the findings from the relevance analysis, a knowledge of key product areas (current and forthcoming) and any applicable legal and regulatory guidelines, we can put together a content writing guide to help in the creation and editing of content for the web site. This ensures that content is easy to understand, relevant to the target market and appealing to search engines.

Lead Documentation Consultant: Paul Ratcliffe

A qualified learning professional, Paul spent much of his early career creating instructional documents for a large energy firm on a variety of subjects. This is a skill that has continued to be used over the years on a number of projects, including most recently our work for a healthcare provider in the UK. Read more about Paul Ratcliffe »

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