At this stage in the web site design process we create a set of HTML/CSS code templates, which are tested on an array of web browsers that are suitable for your target market, including mobile web browsers.

HTML, the code used to write websites comes in many different “flavours”, different web browsers perform better with different standards of HTML, so we recommend building to an HTML standard that suits the web browsers used by your target market  – something we can determine with reference to the Google Analytics data of the present website if available, or with reference to other websites that appeal to a similar demographic. Often this is XHTML to ensure full compatibility with the older browsers still in use (especially within the corporate market), but also use the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 techniques where it is reasonable to do so (particularly for sites geared towards mobile web browsers).

When we create the HTML templates for use on the site we include all of our knowledge of the technical aspects of search engine optimisation (SEO) and web accessibility as standard. This makes all the difference between a web site which looks good and a web site which looks good and performs well.

Lead Consultant: Paul Ratcliffe

HTML/CSS templating is an area where Paul really excels, being fanatical about creating clean, optimised code. Recent clients for our templating services include a real estate firm in Germany and a leading flavour and fragrance supplier in Switzerland. Read more about Paul Ratcliffe »

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