Website Design & Development Process

*** Looking for web design and development services for freelancers and SMEs? *** Check out out new brand [RPress] for fast and affordable hosted websites with a unique, custom designed look and feel. We know that not everyone has a massive budget for their online presence, so we always try and provide a web design that […]

Unravelling the Mysteries of Bounce Rates, Time on Site & Conversions

Bounce rates seem relatively simple to understand, but more subtle questions can lurk beneath the surface. We dig into some of the issues involved Bounce Rates Firstly, what is a bounce? Very simply, someone visits a URL on your site (say from a search engine), does not visit any other URL, and then leaves to […]

30 Minutes to Refine Your Website

Simple, free techniques you can use to check on the performance of your website. No technical knowledge required, just a desire to make the best of your online presence.

Visibility of the Keyboard Focus: Good and Bad

There are a lot of changes between Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v1 and WCAG v2. One of the most important additions is guidance on making sites easier to navigate for keyboard-only users who have good vision. Most sighted keyboard only users are using either Internet Explorer or Firefox, both of which use the TAB […]

Skip links: the saga continues

This article was written in 2005. For up-to-date advice on skip links please refer to the latest article on our [RPress] site. Also see Skip links: Chrome, Safari and Added WAI-ARIA for our 2009 thoughts on skip links. Some recent user testing of ours has suggested some ways to further improve the way we implement […]