What is caching and when should I use it?

Paul attempts to demystify what page caching is (in the context of WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache) and if you should be using it. I was involved in a discussion on the ‘WordPress Experts’ group on LinkedIn recently about which cache plugins people would recommend when using WordPress, […]

Branding and Language: Dead Water

As Refined Practice’s resident linguist, I’d like to highlight the importance of good language in helping you make the most of your brand. If you’ve invested a great deal of time and money in creating the best possible website, brochure, Facebook page etc., it would be a shame to skimp when it comes to editing […]

SearchBots, Visualisation and More: Speaking at Brighton SEO April ’12

We’re delighted to announce that Roland Dunn will be speaking at Brighton SEO (in Brighton, UK – hence the name), giving a short talk into research into searchbots, what they do, and why it is important. For example, it is quite possible that Googlebot may not index all of your content. The talk will look […]

Visibility of the Keyboard Focus: Good and Bad

There are a lot of changes between Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v1 and WCAG v2. One of the most important additions is guidance on making sites easier to navigate for keyboard-only users who have good vision. Most sighted keyboard only users are using either Internet Explorer or Firefox, both of which use the TAB […]

Skip links: the saga continues

This article was written in 2005. For up-to-date advice on skip links please refer to the latest article on our [RPress] site. Also see Skip links: Chrome, Safari and Added WAI-ARIA for our 2009 thoughts on skip links. Some recent user testing of ours has suggested some ways to further improve the way we implement […]