SearchBots, Visualisation and More: Speaking at Brighton SEO April ’12

We’re delighted to announce that Roland Dunn will be speaking at Brighton SEO (in Brighton, UK – hence the name), giving a short talk into research into searchbots, what they do, and why it is important. For example, it is quite possible that Googlebot may not index all of your content.

The talk will look at how to visualise searchbots visits, how to identify potential problems, and what to do about it.

Brighton SEO is a six-monthly free SEO conference, one that seems to grow exponentially every time it happens. The previous Brighton SEO has six hundred attendees, the one in April, a thousand!

Hopefully see you there …

UPDATE: Friday March 23rd: Roland has written a guest blog post on the Brighton SEO website, discussing thoughts regarding SEO: “SEO is Evil, Dead, Alive!, Just Marketing, The One True Way, Err”.