About the project

Refined Practice partners created a visual identity design for a new part of the All Souls Clubhouse who help older people in Central London. Other than the colours needing to fit with existing Clubhouse branding, the brief was pretty open.

The light blue is from the original branding of the clubhouse and we’ve combined that with a purple to highlight the ‘care’ pare of the name and to add warmth. The hand print gives an impression of hands on help, with the heart showing their motive for doing so.

We were then asked to design a simple flier for clubcare to advertise their services and this was the result:

ClubCare Leaflet design

What the client said …

“I LOVE the logo!! … I have 200 leaflets printed and they are being distributed from now. Very exciting! Thanks for all your help.”

Karen Honeyset, Allsouls Clubhouse