Refined Practice: Number 1 Online Brand Consultants on Google UK

As we tell our clients, there is much more to search engine optimisation (SEO) than being “number one on Google” for a specific phrase. Even so it’s good to see that the Refined Practice website is the first result you see when searching for online brand consultants on Google in the UK less than two weeks after launch.

We’re doing well in Switzerland too, appearing in the top ten results when searching for online brand consultants in English on

Scoring highly in the organic (i.e. not paid for) search results on a search engine is one of the best ways there is to drive traffic to a website – Google have publicly stated that  organic search results get more clicks than the paid for adverts that appear on the same page. And you only have to look at the number of other consultancies that are paying to appear on the first page of search results for the same search term to see how important they think it is to be near the top…

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