Discussing Advanced Keyword Research at IonSearch, Leeds, April ’12

A few days after Brighton SEO, Roland will also be talking on an expert panel, “Killer Keyword Research” at another conference, ionsearch on April 18th 2012.

The panel features people from various parts of the world of natural search consultancy (SEO), so the discussions should be interesting. Roland will particularly be interested in discussing how search rankings still seem to be the most common measure for success – despite the considerable personalisation that now takes place in search results. One set of rankings for one person may well be significantly different for another – so whose ranking is correct?

Roland will also be discussing how to measure success in natural search if we move away from rankings being the definitive success metric.

UPDATE: Thursday March 22nd: Roland has written a guest blog post on the ionsearch website, discussing how Hitwise manages the encrypted search queries (i.e. “Not Provided”) issue.