Love it or hate it, social media is here and it is here to stay.  While living away from most of my friends and family Facebook gives me a way of feeling connected with those people who may not be so good at replying to emails or picking up the phone, although I have lost […]

Online reviews, worth the paper they’re written on?

Today, this article on the BBC grabbed my eye. It’s about how the review site Yelp has admitted that a quarter of the reviews on its site could be fake. I’ve always found this interesting, because, long before the rise of the internet, a local business that I knew was featured on a popular consumer […]

3D or not 3D

Today Skype has revealed that it is developing 3D technology for use in its calling system. The company says that the aim is to allow video conferencing for people who work at home. Anyone else horrified? We here at Refined Practice often use video conferencing as we are spread across two cities (2 people in […]

Employee questionnaires, worth the effort?

An article on the BBC news site caught my eye today, it was about a company that allows your employees to give feedback on their happiness and wellbeing anonymously via a phone app. I’m all for looking out for the wellbeing of your employees, but it got me thinking about anonymous online questionnaires and how […]

Never mind Facebook, connect me with your content!

I was quite interested reading the latest rant from David Mitchell as he managed to hit upon a pet hate of mine when it comes to the internet. In his article, Mitchell discusses “Visit England” and their “101 things to do before you go abroad” list. In these times of economic woe Visit England should […]

An expensive (lack of) choice…

This week Microsoft have been fined 561m Euro by the competition commission at the EU for failing to promote web browsers from other companies (such as Mozilla’s Firefox) to their users, thereby helping to ensure that their own Internet Explorer remains the most used browser. Deal with Europe’s Competition Commission: You might read this and […]

Spear phishing down at the watering hole

We’re all aware that we should protect our details online, but this week news has reached the BBC (other news outlets are available!) about a new kind of “hacking” run by “The Comment Group” from China. How does it work? Well, they email you from what looks like a trusted address (say, someone inside your […]

The User’s Eye View: Why should you care if Google knows what you do?

Have you ever known exactly what you’re looking for, exactly the company you’re after, only to type in numerous different increasingly more desperate phrases in to Google to not find what you want? I have, and it’s very, very annoying.  Nothing makes me less likely to use a company’s services than wasting my time before […]