The User’s Eye View: Why should you care if Google knows what you do?

Have you ever known exactly what you’re looking for, exactly the company you’re after, only to type in numerous different increasingly more desperate phrases in to Google to not find what you want? I have, and it’s very, very annoying.  Nothing makes me less likely to use a company’s services than wasting my time before I’ve even started speaking to them.

I’ve recently been looking for a new job, I’m sure you’re familiar with the drill; you trawl recruitment websites, then you think of some companies you might like to work for and you try to find their recruitment page. You’d think it would be easy, right? But oh no, for a lot of companies it’s just not that simple. Why? Because their recruitment pages are very hard to find, both on Google, and again on their actual website.  On the one hand I suppose you could say that it’s my problem – I want a new job so I should push on through and if my time is wasted then that’s my bad luck. On the other hand, if you run an company and you want the best people to work for you, surely it is in your interests to make sure that those good, sought after workers can find you.

It’s not just an issue regarding recruitment though. Most people have quite a short attention span when it comes to Google and the other search engines. If you are trying to sell a product and someone wants to buy it, well it’s probably best for everyone concerned if they are actually able to find and buy that product! Just think, while that person is searching for your product and can’t find it, how many of your competitors are they finding instead? Do you really want your product to give free advertising to your rivals? I’m guessing probably not.

Guest blog post provided by Linda Seward of Seward Technical Writing, writers of original content. Want people to be able to find your company’s products on the web? Check out our search engine optimisation (SEO) and online marketing services.