It’s All in the Edit – But Who’s Doing the Editing?

Liestal Fire Festival - The Riot Cut

“Auto-Awesome” or “Auto-Warzone”? Who’s editing what you see on the web?


Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here and it is here to stay.  While living away from most of my friends and family Facebook gives me a way of feeling connected with those people who may not be …

Reusable D3: Book, Demo, Slides. And A Little on MVC

Reusable D3 Book

Finally, the D3 book is out, a book that focuses on how to write reusable D3 using a component and module based approach, and …

Takeways, Thoughts and Reflections Upon BrightonSEO and ionSearch

Main Brighton SEO Stage

Brighton SEO is one of the biggest SEO conferences in the UK, if not in Europe, it’s got a great and lively atmosphere, and it’s also free.

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