Content Creation

A website is nothing without content, but what exactly should you be saying, and how should you be saying it?

For many people, the content on your website will be the first substantive information they see about your business, and a good first impression can make all the difference between gaining a customer and losing them to a competitor.

At Refined Practice, we understand the importance of great content, whether that’s images, videos, the written word, interactive content, or indeed anything else you can think of. We will work with you to define your target market and research the way they like to interact with websites and the language that they use when searching the web for the products and services that you offer (see our sections on relevance analysis and creating a content writing guide). Our network of talented content writers and producers will then use that research to create copy that really connects with your customers, making that first impression something to be proud of.


We are also very aware of the importance of top-notch translation and localisation (or indeed localization). With experience of working with multi-lingual clients, we can source high-quality translation and localisation services for you from professionals who understand your business sector.

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