About the project
Refined Practice partners created a visual identity design for a new part of the All Souls Clubhouse who help older people in Central London. Other than the colours needing to fit with existing Clubhouse branding, the …

Fresh Perspectives

About the project
Refined Practice created a visual identity design including a logo and colours to be used in the design of business cards, letterheads and … website

About the project is a new leadership development consultancy run by Sytske Casimir. Sytske came to us needing a visual identity for her new brand …

Romance of Rust

About the project
Romance of Rust are in the classic car restoration business, repairing and restoring classic cars to their former glory. Forming a new business from the ashes of a former one it seemed appropriate to incorporate a phoenix somewhere.

The brief was …

Snooty Ooty

About the project
Visual identity design for a new company creating hand made silver jewelry – their style is modern with clean lines and organic shapes with colours based on those of a peacock.

The lettering of the visual identity is an adapted …

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