Rich & Immersive 3D Experiences on Digital Devices. Coming Soon?

Rich 3D on Our Desktops, Mobiles and More
If we assume that Moore’s Law keeps on applying, it would seem safe to think that the digital devices that we use – desktop, phones, TV’s, even fridges – will become ever …

Serif vs Sans-serif

serif vs sans serif

Inspired by the infographic shown on, we thought we’d throw in our two pence worth on this topic.

So … Which is better to use and when, serif type or sans-serif type? This debate that has raged in the …

Have you gone mobile yet?

The Refined Practice Site on Mobile and Tablet

Internet traffic from mobile phones and tablets has risen by nearly 1500% in just five years. Has your site gone mobile yet?

Designing with a grid

You may think that the layout of any particular design is purely left to the designers whim and, although some elements may be nicely aligned, mostly they are placed on the page or screen wherever the designer feels like it.

In …

Tips for Choosing a Typeface

With as many typefaces as stars in the sky, how do you come to a decision of which typeface to use for your project? Here are some useful areas of thought that we would consider when starting to put design ideas together …

Typo London 2012: Social

Back in October 2012 TYPO London happened. With a host of great speakers on a topic closely related to our line of work it seemed sensible to acquire some tickets and go along. Thankfully a friend, …

A New Look for the Great British Business Show

Refined Practice Wallpaper

To celebrate our trip to the Great British Business Show on 17 & 18 May, lead designer Colin ‘William Morris’ Hall has developed some rather funky wallpaper.

What is a brand and why put it online?

lego men

A brand is simply how your business is perceived by your customers. It is your company’s ethos or personality. It is what makes you different and hopefully better than your competition.
What makes a good brand?
A good brand is thus not …

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