Experiment and Create To Build a Healthier Online Brand

Marketing Week

Following on from our piece in this week’s Marketing Week we wanted to continue the discussion regarding creativity and experimentation, particularly relating to website content and how this can increase your number of visitors.
Why Experiment?
The use of data analysis …

Brief Trip to ionSearch 2013: Geo-location, E-Commerce and More

ion search

Another year, and another trip to ionSearch, a web optimisation conference up in Leeds, UK. This time sadly a brief visit, just the Thursday and only the latter half of it. You can probably still get a sense of …

Multiple Domains – Do You Need Them?

Multiple Domains on Dice

I’ve been having some discussion with fellow ceilidh band members about the usefulness or uselessness of buying multi domain names for the same site … i’d love to know the truth!

Content Marketing: Using Creativity to Build Links & Shares to E-Commerce Product Pages

Stand out from the crowd

Product pages are absolutely key pages on an e-commerce site – these are the pages that can actually generate meaningful profit. Consequently, we want these pages to perform well in natural search.

Unravelling the Mysteries of Bounce Rates, Time on Site & Conversions

Bounce rates seem relatively simple to understand, but more subtle questions can lurk beneath the surface. We dig into some of the issues involved

Bounce Rates
Firstly, what is a bounce?

Very simply, someone visits a URL on your site (say …

Is Google’s AdWords Guilty of Racial Profiling? No, not really…

A recent paper by Dr Latanya Sweeney of Harvard seems to suggest that Google’s AdSense ad delivery network is guilty of racial discrimination when displaying ads (although it’s actually talking about AdWords). This has led to a whole bunch …

How Google is Using Multiple Elements of a Page to Construct Search Results

Roland discusses how Google is choosing from all items of content on a page to construct search results, and discusses the implications for site owners.

The Fall of Title and Meta Description Tags
We recently build a website (…

Introducing the Digital Checkup

Digital MoT

The Digital Checkup package is a simple, low-cost check-up of your brand’s online presence.

Find out more about the Digital Checkup »

30 Minutes to Refine Your Website

30 Minutes to Refine Your Website

Simple, free techniques you can use to check on the performance of your website. No technical knowledge required, just a desire to make the best of your online presence.

Takeways, Thoughts and Reflections Upon BrightonSEO and ionSearch

Main Brighton SEO Stage

Brighton SEO is one of the biggest SEO conferences in the UK, if not in Europe, it’s got a great and lively atmosphere, and it’s also free.

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