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More SVN Code Snippets: Adding All New Files, Deleting All Removed Files

As we have mentioned before, we use Subversion to manage our codebase. That includes our WordPress set up with all its preferred and custom plugins. So, what’s the best way to update a plugin when it’s in your Subversion repository? The approach we take (which you might find handy) is to: Download the new version […]

Multiple Domains – Do You Need Them?

I’ve been having some discussion with fellow ceilidh band members about the usefulness or uselessness of buying multi domain names for the same site … i’d love to know the truth!

Tips for Choosing a Typeface

With as many typefaces as stars in the sky, how do you come to a decision of which typeface to use for your project? Here are some useful areas of thought that we would consider when starting to put design ideas together … Context – In what environment will the type be used? Will your chosen typeface […]

Unravelling the Mysteries of Bounce Rates, Time on Site & Conversions

Bounce rates seem relatively simple to understand, but more subtle questions can lurk beneath the surface. We dig into some of the issues involved Bounce Rates Firstly, what is a bounce? Very simply, someone visits a URL on your site (say from a search engine), does not visit any other URL, and then leaves to […]

An expensive (lack of) choice…

This week Microsoft have been fined 561m Euro by the competition commission at the EU for failing to promote web browsers from other companies (such as Mozilla’s Firefox) to their users, thereby helping to ensure that their own Internet Explorer remains the most used browser. Deal with Europe’s Competition Commission: You might read this and […]

Spear phishing down at the watering hole

We’re all aware that we should protect our details online, but this week news has reached the BBC (other news outlets are available!) about a new kind of “hacking” run by “The Comment Group” from China. How does it work? Well, they email you from what looks like a trusted address (say, someone inside your […]

Typo London 2012: Social

Back in October 2012 TYPO London happened. With a host of great speakers on a topic closely related to our line of work it seemed sensible to acquire some tickets and go along. Thankfully a friend, Peter Gregson, was speaking about the Listening Machine so tickets were found for free. Thanks Peter! Social Design Designers being social was the underlying […]