About the project Leadership.is is a new leadership development consultancy run by Sytske Casimir. Sytske came to us needing a visual identity for her new brand along with business cards, letterheads and a website. We chose to use the typeface Brevia Light throughout this project as it is uncomplicated but has some interesting features and a […]

Fresh Perspectives

About the project Refined Practice created a visual identity design including a logo and colours to be used in the design of business cards, letterheads and a website. Fresh Perspectives wanted to present their new company with a consistent look which conveys authority without being boring. The design of the visual identity package was to focus on what […]


About the project Refined Practice partners created a visual identity design for a new part of the All Souls Clubhouse who help older people in Central London. Other than the colours needing to fit with existing Clubhouse branding, the brief was pretty open. The light blue is from the original branding of the clubhouse and […]

Finanz und Wirtschaft

About the project Refined Practice started working with leading Swiss financial newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft (part of the Tamedia group) in 2012. We provided assistance on a number of factors involved in the successful launch of their new website which reaches many thousands of readers on a daily basis. We continue to work with the […]


About the project We carried out a short review examining Refractiv’s digital presence. This involved analysis of a number of sets of data and provided detailed examples as to how improvements could be made. We made a number of detailed recommendations for further work. What the client has to say… “Refined Practice executed a quick […]

Snooty Ooty

About the project Visual identity design for a new company creating hand made silver jewelry – their style is modern with clean lines and organic shapes with colours based on those of a peacock. The lettering of the visual identity is an adapted version of the typeface Bodoni. Adding droplet style terminals to the S and […]

Romance of Rust

About the project Romance of Rust are in the classic car restoration business, repairing and restoring classic cars to their former glory. Forming a new business from the ashes of a former one it seemed appropriate to incorporate a phoenix somewhere. The brief was to design a logo which would fit with the heritage of car badge […]


About the project We worked with the team at i-intelligence to put together a multilingual website for their start-up open source intelligence company. In common with our work for many smaller businesses, as well as building and hosting a content managed website on their behalf, we also helped i-intelligence with their email and Google Apps […]

ChipsAway Cambridge

About the project We worked with ChipsAway Cambridge to put together a search engine marketing campaign. Working with the team at ChipsAway, we identified the key products and services to advertise that would give the best possible return on investment. We also put in place extensive tracking on the campaign to ensure that we could […]

Peach Property Group

About the project Refined Practice have been working with leading Swiss real estate firm Peach Property Group on a number of their websites since 2010. As well as being a multilingual project (German and English) the “Buy Luxury Property” Peach Property Group corporate websites demonstrate our skill in incorporating 3rd party systems seamlessly into a content […]