Visualising UK Ministerial Lobbying & “Buddying” Over Eight Months

Barclays Ministerial Meetings

Back in January 2013, the Guardian published a piece about a scheme (entitled “buddying”) that granted access to the heart of government to various multinational companies. It seemed like lobbying on steroids, so I contacted one of the authors of …

Visually disruptive overlays AKA “those irritating pop-up things that seem to be everywhere nowadays”

Schwer sauer by Achim Hering

Visually disruptive overlays are the new pop-up. You know the things I mean – you’ve followed a link to what looks like an interesting article, but as soon as you load the page the content you actually want to see …

Reusable D3: Book, Demo, Slides. And A Little on MVC

Reusable D3 Book

Finally, the D3 book is out, a book that focuses on how to write reusable D3 using a component and module based approach, and …

Experiment and Create To Build a Healthier Online Brand

Marketing Week

Following on from our piece in this week’s Marketing Week we wanted to continue the discussion regarding creativity and experimentation, particularly relating to website content and how this can increase your number of visitors.
Why Experiment?
The use of data analysis …

Content Marketing: Using Creativity to Build Links & Shares to E-Commerce Product Pages

Stand out from the crowd

Product pages are absolutely key pages on an e-commerce site – these are the pages that can actually generate meaningful profit. Consequently, we want these pages to perform well in natural search.

Unravelling the Mysteries of Bounce Rates, Time on Site & Conversions

Bounce rates seem relatively simple to understand, but more subtle questions can lurk beneath the surface. We dig into some of the issues involved

Bounce Rates
Firstly, what is a bounce?

Very simply, someone visits a URL on your site (say …

Takeways, Thoughts and Reflections Upon BrightonSEO and ionSearch

Main Brighton SEO Stage

Brighton SEO is one of the biggest SEO conferences in the UK, if not in Europe, it’s got a great and lively atmosphere, and it’s also free.

Discussing Advanced Keyword Research at IonSearch, Leeds, April ’12

I'm speaking at ionSearch Advanced Search Marketing Conference. 18th April, Leeds

A few days after Brighton SEO, Roland will also be talking on an expert panel, “Killer Keyword Research” at another conference, ionsearch on April 18th …

SearchBots, Visualisation and More: Speaking at Brighton SEO April ’12

Speaking at Brighton SEO

We’re delighted to announce that Roland Dunn will be speaking at Brighton SEO (in Brighton, UK – hence the name), giving a short talk into research into searchbots, what they do, …

What is a brand and why put it online?

lego men

A brand is simply how your business is perceived by your customers. It is your company’s ethos or personality. It is what makes you different and hopefully better than your competition.
What makes a good brand?
A good brand is thus not …

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